Concept packaging for Lush Cosmetics
Pet Portrait
Flourish Coffee Co. Packaging Design
Wildlife Name Illustration
Fashion Photography Illustrations
Beatrix Potter Reimagined
'Wild' lettering
Engagement Cake Commission
Bee and wildflower inspired initials
Spring Vibes
'Wild' Print Series
Hand drawn letters
Selection of tattoo designs
Lettering Illustration
Colouring in cards Unbirthday Bakery
Illustration for Unbirthday bakery
Lynx Tattoo Design
Katherine Sabbath cake illustration
Vibrant Blossoms
Nature's Alliance
Goldfish Illustration
Postbox Café Activity Sheets
Christmas Cards 2014
The Owl & The Woodpecker
Logo Restyle
SS14 Handbag Illustration
Miami Beach T-shirt Design
Display @ Urban Outfitters
Timbergram Designs Early 2014
In From The Outside Exhibition 2013
Sneaker Wolf
Timbergram Illustrations
Animal Illustrations
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